Club Records

Please see the 2016 Year Book for current Club Records.

Criteria for Club Records (from 01/01/2009) 

Eligibility and status 

1. The athlete must be a member of the club on the day of the competition and their subscription must be current. SAL/UKA registration is not a requirement. First, second and higher claim status members are all eligible, as are Honorary and Life members. 

Competition rules 

2. Performances shall only be considered where the competition complies with the permit conditions and relevant Rules, as set out by an approved governing body, or equivalent. 

a) The following sample list of approved governing bodies is supplied for guidance :- SAL, UKA, IAAF, IOC, IPC, SSAA, NIAA, AAA, CSSA. 

b) The following sample list of ineligible events is provided as guidance :- SHGA, local school events, cross country and multi terrain races, road races other than those measured and permitted by an approved governing body. 

Events not specifically included in sections (a) and (b) above should be considered on a case-by-case basis. Additions or amendments to these lists may be made by the committee. 

3. For track and field events ; the track should have been assessed and a valid current certificate, (for the specific event being considered), issued by the appropriate governing body. (This means, for example, that a performance on the track at Inverness could be considered, but at the present time (01/01/2009) one in hammer or pole vault could not.) 

Additional criteria 

4. There will a time limit, beyond which performances may no longer be considered for record purposes. The limit will be 2 years. (This reduces arguments over which rules and conditions applied on the day and the potential for erroneous results getting included etc.) 

5. Handicapped events are not be included. Scratch performances in handicap events are not be included. 

6. Performances at Chris Anderson stadium in competitions additional to our published programmes are eligible PROVIDED 
(i) permission has been given by the committee or executive committee for the event to take place and 
(ii) a suitable number of qualified officials are present and 
(iii) the event is advertised to club members at least FIVE days in advance and 
(iv) the competition is open to athletes from a variety of coaching groups. 

If you think that you have bettered an existing club record, please contact Stan Walker at

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