• Officials' Taster Sessions

    Posted by Brian Pahlmann on 16 January 2017

    This coming Sunday, 22nd January, at our indoor open graded meeting at Aberdeen Sports Village, Aberdeen AAC will be offering taster sessions for anyone interested in learning more about becoming an athletics official.

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  • 22 January

    Posted by Brian Pahlmann on 12 January 2017

    There are 2 big events scheduled for 22 January for which we would like to have a large number competing, representing Aberdeen AAC.

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  • Aberdeen AAC Hosting Officials' Courses

    Posted by Brian Pahlmann on 11 January 2017

    The club committee has arranged to host several Scottish Athletics-tutored athletics officials' courses at Aberdeen Sports Village.  All courses are free to AAAC members and their family and lunch will be provided

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  • Annual Satisfaction Survey

    Posted by Brian Pahlmann on 9 January 2017

    To keep open the lines of communication and to maximize member satisfaction, the Aberdeen AAC Committee is asking for feedback from the club.  

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  • Aberdeen AAC Academy

    Posted by Brian Pahlmann on 22 December 2016

    The AAAC committee has approved the creation of the Aberdeen Amateur Athletic Club Academy.  The Academy’s mission is to support high performance, first claim Scottish members of Aberdeen AAC, providing assistance to help them progress to the next level of competition and achieve their full potential in athletics.  Nineteen Aberdeen AAC athletes have been invited to the Academy for one year.  All of whom have met one of the following criteria:

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  • 2017 Subscription Renewal Now Open

    Posted by Brian Pahlmann on 2 December 2016

    Subscriptions for 2017 will be due on 1 January 2017.  Please complete the form and return it with the appropriate money to your Coach or Committee Member at ASV on Club nights, or post to:

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  • Road Running in the Dark

    Posted by Brian Pahlmann on 26 November 2016

    Considering the recent tragic deaths of 2 young road runners in Aldershot, if you are running on the roads, especially when it is dark:

    - Do NOT just follow the crowd blindly when crossing the road.  Check both ways for yourself.
    - Wearing headphones increases risk.
    - Be visible with reflective and hi-vis clothing, torches and/or blinking lights.
    - Assume that drivers cannot see you.
    - Travel facing traffic.
    - Carry identification and a mobile phone in case of emergency.

    Run safe,

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