AAAC Photo Finish & Officials' Training Room Update

Posted by Brian Pahlmann on 19 June 2017

A couple of weeks have passed since we released the plans for the Photo Finish and Officials' Training Room at ASV. At the time, we invited club members to complete a survey indicating their opinions on the proposal. The survey yielded 73 individual responses, greatly positive, supporting the project. Approximately 90% of respondents replied affirmatively and many of the comments reflected the project subcommittee's points of impact for the completed project. Obviously, support is not unanimous. Based on some of the comments, there may be some confusion regarding the purpose of the room. Our hope is that we will be able to clarify this in the coming weeks and with that, garner even further member support.

The original announcement also indicated that the fundraising was now key to the project delivery. Brian Pahlmann, our club manager, has been working at gathering supporting documents for funding applications. Most of that information is now in place and funding applications will start imminently.

We can also announce the launch of a MyDonate web page where club members, families and friends can help by donating to the overall project funds. We would like to encourage all club members to circulate the details of the MyDonate page with as many people as possible. Even very small donations will help us achieve our goal.

In addition to external funding, the club committee voted unanimously at the May committee meeting to transfer £10,000 from the current club funds to the project. This is a significant figure that the club are donating and it was felt, after communication with external funders who had questioned the need for their support given the clubs healthy financial position, that we should make this contribution.

Kind regards,
Mark Davidson
AAAC President

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